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aka meek, meekz, super 
cute lil girl, straight a student, loves karate, hates uniforms
and it's her world, her comics

aka kaz, kazi
the cute lil pigtailed girl, meekerz's best friend, loves uniforms, loves guys more, loves cheerleading most
aka supah froggie
nice yet mean guy who has an eye on meekerz, if you've seen him in the comics, he doesn't look like <--  coz he needs a haircut.
aka the v.o.o.
the anti- mr. yanagi football guy, sports buff, currently in the football team because.. well, you'll see
  mr. yanagi
aka mr. y
volleyball instructor of kazumi, and well, he's gay, is also the...  i can't tell you coz it'll ruin the surprise :)

last updated november 01, 2001
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